Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I have been caught up in school and just haven’t found the time! Here in Asia, it has gotten pretty freackin’ cold. It was 7 degrees celcius last night, and tonight seems to be the same. It is FREEZING! Especially since we aren’t used to this weather, and only have t-shirts in our closets… And since we have been going through our dusty boxes in the storage rooms, my allergies have been acting up and I haven’t been able to breath through my nose since last Tuesday! There are good sides to this weather though because now we have hot cocoa almost every day, and we even saw our breath in the air this morning!

The last day of school is tomorrow, and so I am excited to get finished. Since we do home-schooling, I only have to do three subjects tomorrow so that will be a breeze. The only thing is that I was planning on hanging out with some of my friends during the Holidays, but it looks like nothing is going to be happening, because both of my bests are fully booked until Boxing Day, and my neighbour left for the mountains a few hours ago. The only people that are left is my friend H and the Mennonite family across the road. H is a really neat friend, but she takes the Holidays really seriously, and is probably having people over every day from now till Christmas.  The problem about living around people who are Missionaries is that they will always be on the move. That means that during Christmas vay-cay, they’re all going to be doing stuff somewhere else. I hate it when people do this, but actually, we do it too. On Sunday, Our family is going on a 5 hour trip to a small city far away to go to some organization work and go to some Christmas parties, and just make an appearance really.

Anyhow, I have to leave now, I am going to watch the Hobbit with my big sister, but I am thinking of definitely going to blog more in the Holidays, so see ya soon! Btw, tell me in the comments what is your favourite thing to do during the holidays 🙂

My world :)

So I was just surfing the web on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, when I saw something or rather somethings that caught my eye. It’s called a blog. Pronounced to rhyme with dog, fog, smog, and hog, a blog is like an online journal where lots of people ALL around the world can read what you write. So at first it sounded a bit intimidating. I mean like, ANYONE could read this stuff that you write! But then I decided to give it a try, and here I am typing on my Mac while a 4 year old is jumping on the couch screaming, an 8 year old is practicing her gymnastics moves and kicking everybody in the face, all while in the middle of the turmoil, a little 2 year old is tearing up my favourite book. Welcome to my world.
I was born on February 6th 2001 to a lovely and ever expanding family. Well, at the time it was only my big sis and I and our parents, but my lovely petite family has drastically grown since then, leaving me with 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Nice eh? It may come as a shock at first, but let me tell you: It’s just the beginning. When I was 1 1/2 years old, my parents moved from good ‘ole Colorado Springs, Colorado and moved all the way across the world to a place that no one knows about. This hidden country is called Thailand. Here, we had loads of fun, saw things that you guys have never seen, and experienced the awesome MK/TCK life. Y’all probably don’t know what in the heck that is, so I’ll cut you some slack:  it means Missionary kid/ Third culture kid. My cousin back in Canada asked me once, “So in Thailand do have like fridges and bed?” Trust me, we HAVE fridges. Thailand is basically just like where YOU live except for the fact that we don’t have sour patch kids here or Ikea, or Food Basics, etc. And we do mostly the same stuff as you do. We don’t spend our days playing with rocks or counting flies. 🙂 On the contrary I get to do everything that I’ll ever want to! I go to waterfalls, hiking up mountains, and even watch TV quite a bit… hehehe… 🙂 ‘Till next time!